Henry Global Consulting Group (HGCG)

        Henry Global Consulting Group(HGCG)is a professional organization providing services in wide areas including study abroad and visa consulting, immigration agent, overseas family settlement and new business development, related to different countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and England, etc.
        HGCG has high reputation in immigration industry with both domestic and international immigration licenses and is the biggest agent with the most immigration cases from the United States,Canada,Australia and England, etc. HGCG has the most overseas hospitality and family settlement service centers with over 50 branches worldwide. Among them, four are in the United States with head quarter at Los Angels and eight are in Canada with head quarter at Toronto. There are over 40 branches in mainland China as well. HGCG is expertised by experienced professionals including attorneys, CPAs, former immigration officers, consultants with foreign nationalities and elite team of which one third have master degree or above. HCGC China head quarter---Beijing Henry Tong Zhao information consulting Limited Company acquired the "Exit-entry affairs agency business license" issued by the Ministry of Public Security of PRC on April 10th 2002 among the first batch. Until now HGCG has already had 18 national authorized exit-entry affairs agency business licenses and 34 national authorized studying abroad advisory service licenses and also paid a qualification deposit with the amount of 20 million RMB. HGCG is the first one with the most licenses in the advisory services industry for going abroad in China.
        During the twenty years of cooperation with applicants from both inside and outside China, due to its professional skills and well-deserved reputation, HGCG has been highly trusted and recognized by the embassies of the United States,Canada,Australia and England, immigration consulting associations, attorneys' associations and authoritative organizations of the industry. At the same time, HGCG even built a solid relationship with thousands of well-known universities, colleges, high schools and related educational institutions of the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Russian, Netherlands and Singapore, bringing itself the privilege of abundant world-wide well-known education resources.
        "Integrity" is HGCG's management principle. "Rigorism" is HGCG's operation style. Through its broad network constituted by over 50 branches reaching out to every corner on the earth, HGCG has helped ten thousands of applicants immigrate successfully to countries such as Canada and the United States and also assisted their children in studying abroad. Each year the number even reached to 1500.
        Meanwhile, relying on its strong, complete and unique overseas hospitality and family settlement capability, HGCG satisfied its customers by eliminating their worries behind through providing services all around for applicants and their children from entering schools to study and living management. Details include: on-line updating students living and studying information everyday for parents; providing 24 hours emergency phone calls and telephone communication services for parents and students; managing, supervising and synthetically reporting students' monthly financial situation to parents; providing suitable environments which are good and secure for living and study for students; solving communication issues between parents, students and schools; arranging and executing study plan; arranging extracurricular activities; providing assistance in job-hunting after students' graduation and adjustment of status, etc.
        Over the past twenty years, we not only accumulated plenty of professional experience, but also attracted a large number of highly committed experts specialized in different areas including consultants for immigration, consultants for study abroad, immigration attorneys, CPAs, advanced clerical staff and domestic and foreign VIP customer services composing an expertized team with large scale. We are deeply trusted by our immigration clients and overseas students due to our professional and high-efficiency business process and considerate and meticulous VIP customer services thereafter building up a favorable reputation together with a stable and enlarging client base with high qualities.
        HGCG China head quarter has an office area over 2500 square meters, located at 16 Floor of Taikang Building, core area at Beijing CBD, next to Jingguang center to the western side and bordering to the new CCTV building to the south. All the other 40 odd branches are located at business center or high-end office buildings as well in different big cities with office area over 300 square meters each. Many of our experienced consultants with American or Canadian nationalities and related staff work there closely with local applicants providing all-around services.
        In the future, HGCG will continue to integrate its domestic and international strengths in different areas to maintain the highest visa rates in immigration applications, to keep the leading position in the industry and to assist more and more elites who have the tendency to develop or settle abroad to realize their dreams!



        Dr. Henry ZOU went to study in Canada in 1984. After graduated with a PhD degree, he attended Canada national laboratory and conducted scientific researches there for many years.
        In the early of 1990's, Dr. Henry ZOU started doing immigration businesses in Canada. He set up Canada Henry Global Consulting Group and led the company marching into China, developing into a multi-national group with very large scale as it is today.
        For many years, Dr. Henry ZOU has been keeping paying close attention to every delicate change of immigration policies, regulations and laws with acute insights. He consistently maintains an intimate relationship with government organizations such like immigration offices and other related institutions, guiding HGCG developing step by step to a domestically and internationally reputed immigration and study abroad advisory organization, successfully helping ten thousands of applicants realize their dreams of going abroad.

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