1. Multiply-qualifications in home and abroad to secure you to immigrate successfully.

Henry Group is a professional immigration consulting company, which scatters over 50 branches in the world and obtains the multiple-qualifications in China, USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. Henry Group is the only immigration organization owns three of the formal member licenses of ICCRC (Immigration Consulting Commition and Regulation of Canada), the insurance amount of the immigration consultants is up to 3 million CAD. Meanwhile, Henry Group has the business licenses of Private immigration intermediary institutions in many of the cities in provinces in Mainland China, the Mortgage certificate deposit in the Ministry of Public Security amounts nearly 20 millions RMB. We not only provide you the legal and professional services but also safeguard your personal interests.

2. We own more and the latest advantage programs.

Henry Group always keeps the close relationships with Business Immigration Authority of the bureau of Canadian Immigration and the Federal Court, and has the good communication channels with the Canada Association of Immigration Consulting, General Bureau of Immigration and the Visa Offices in Canada, so that we can command the trend of Canada immigration policy accurately in time, and we can grasp the good opportunities in advance to develop new programs and channels with this wide public relationships and accurate perspectives. Thus we can keep the strongest policy safeguard and provide more successful opportunities.

3. Accurate materials and high rate of acquiring visas is in leading position among the industry.

Henry Group is well-known for its high rate of acquiring visas, keeping above the rate of 95% of acquiring visas in the contrast of the high rate of rejections for many times among it's counterparts. So it gets the good reputation. The high rate of acquiring visa comes from our dedications of making the high qualification materials and our commitments to the high standard requirement in every sector.
The senior Canadian immigration consultants evaluate your materials carefully to design the immigration solution; the copy-writer team makes the materials for you to secure the accurate and detailed information; the senior immigration lawyers and accountants will advise your immigration application and guide the immigration interview personally. VIP customer service team will provide the careful services in all process to make your worries relief. In the past several years, we accumulate much experience so as to improve the technical level and service qualification, and we are responsible for every customer who chooses Henry Group.

4. thousands of hundreds of successful cases with great foundation of customers in the past twenty years.

Henry Group is not only famous abroad, but also in a leading position in China in the past two decades. We have been expanding the branches to more than 40 level I and level II cities successfully. Combined with the regional and industrial characteristics, and the real situations of the applicants, we tailor the best immigration solutions for our customers. There has been numberless persons in every industry of the society immigrated successfully through Henry Group. The professional dedication like this wins the trust of our old customers, and who introduce new customers to us. Nowadays, 50% of the old customers have recommended the new customers with excellent conditions and who have immigrated successfully.

5. VIP careful service and value-added service to make you worry-relief.

Henry Group exclusively runs the direct branches in 8 big and middle cities in Canada, covering the cities and areas like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Manitoba (MB), New Brunswick (NB), Prince Edward Island (PEI), Saskatchewan (SASK), providing relocation services, life consulting and assistance for the new immigrants. When you choose us, you can enjoy the global service without worries at all. What's more, if you want to expand your business in Canada, you can get the strong support from Henry Group.

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